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The High Commission's History

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The Tanznaia High Commission to the Republic of Kenya, administers a fully-fledged Consulate in Mombassa since its inception in 1985. The Tanzania High Commission also accredited to the Republic of Sudan, South Sudan, the State of Eritrea, Republic of Seychelles, the Federal Republic of Somalia and the UNEP and UN Habitat.

At the Regional Level the Mission participates in all activities and meetings of the East African Community (EAC) and other regional organs/bodies

Objectives of the High Commission

The High Commission's overal objective is to implement Tanzania's Foreign Policy whose economic diplomacy is its kingpin. In implementing the new foreign policy, where Economic Diplomacy is a driving force, we have been mandated with the following tasks:-

  1. To maintain, strengthen and promote further relations of friendship and cooperation which happily exist between the United Republic of Tanzania and the countries of accreditation
  2. Today, economic diplomacy is a top priority in our Foreign Policy agenda. The building of trade and economic relationships has moved to the centre of diplomatic services. Therefore promotion of Tanzania's economy through economic diplomacy is also our top priority
  3. Coordination and promotion of investment. Tanzania as a premier investment destination in Africa, has continue to implement economic reforms that started in 1990's with a view to creating an attractive business environment, suitable for both domestic and international investors
  4. Coordination and promotion of tourism. Tourism is one of the priority areas that Tanzania invites investors to come and invest in several projects available in the country. We vividly invite investors to invest in hotels, beach development, shopping malls, historical sites, reliable transportation of tourists from one area to another and other sub-sectors. Special sites like the Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar are all introduced to investors and we highly encourage investment of high quality hotels in these sites with low volume. When it comes to cultural tourism, the country has more than 100 tribes which co-exist peacefully
  5. Promotion of the agricultural sector under the Theme: "Kilimo Kwanza". Recognizing that the greatest challenge facing Tanzania is to combat poverty and that this will be possible through enhanced agricultural productivity, and considering Tanzania's endowment of agricultural land, livestock and marine resources; and while the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has resolved to embark on KILIMO KWANZA as Tanzania's Green Revolution to transform its agriculture into a modern and commercial sector, the High Commission will embark aggressively in sourcing for reliable investors from the areas of accreditation in support of the Kilimo Kwanza initiative